The Art of Narration

The Individual voice and narration The art of narration, as well as the capacity to narrate, is constituted of a blend of many elements such as the narrator’s mental faculties allowing them to translate a script and its own circumstance, the narrator’s imagination to colour the phrases, and notable use of this narrator’s voice to produce a written message for their audience. Every narrator possesses a exceptional voice printing and… Read More »The Art of Narration

Make Your Film Stand Out With Music

As a filmmaker, you are aware there are many techniques to control your viewers with all camera angles, editing, lighting, etc.. In the music world, there’s also a fantastic arsenal of techniques. Basically, there are two types of sound in almost any motion picture. Non-Diegetic. The Greek term”Diegesis” signifies a recounted narrative. Oxford’s English dictionary says”The story presented with a cinematographic film or literary work; the literary time, characters, and… Read More »Make Your Film Stand Out With Music

How To Create Screenplays

The first step to creating a screenplay is to write down your thoughts and ideas for the story. The best way to begin writing is to start with a blank slate. The more you know about your story, the easier it will be to turn it into a screenplay. The second step is to organize your thoughts so that you will know what to do next. The key to writing… Read More »How To Create Screenplays

Landscape Photography Tips

There are instances when you end up in a centre of a gorgeous landscape scene and you wish to catch that picture to conserve it. So that you just take your camera and begin shooting. Whenever you have the image published, you discover that what you took did not portray the beauty which you just experienced. It is because you and your camera view matters differently; your view is more… Read More »Landscape Photography Tips

Making a Low Budget Film

Making a low budget movie can be very fulfilling and enjoyable. There are so many reasons why people make movies these days. You may think that it is hard, but you’re wrong. If you know some basic steps you will have no problem making a low budget movie. First of all decide on the genre of the movie. Is it going to be action, romance, comedy, science fiction, or horror?… Read More »Making a Low Budget Film