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So you've made an indie film, now what? You need to show it to the world! We can guide you through the whole web dev. process to bring your visions to life.


Creating an indie film is an exciting adventure. We've narrowed down the most important elements of creating a successful film. Check out resources.


Getting the perfect shots for a film is tricky for some; but it doesn't have to be! Check out our tips and tricks to maximize your shots.


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The Art of Narration

The Individual voice and narration The art of narration, as well as the capacity to narrate, is constituted of a blend of many elements such as the narrator’s mental faculties…

Make Your Film Stand Out With Music

As a filmmaker, you are aware there are many techniques to control your viewers with all camera angles, editing, lighting, etc.. In the music world, there’s also a fantastic arsenal…

How To Create Screenplays

The first step to creating a screenplay is to write down your thoughts and ideas for the story. The best way to begin writing is to start with a blank…

Landscape Photography Tips

There are instances when you end up in a centre of a gorgeous landscape scene and you wish to catch that picture to conserve it. So that you just take…

Making a Low Budget Film

Making a low budget movie can be very fulfilling and enjoyable. There are so many reasons why people make movies these days. You may think that it is hard, but…

How to Make Indie Films

How to make Indie films is a question that many filmmakers ask. It’s not just a question of the cost. It’s also a question of what the film is all…

Is Film Photography Dead?

Digital cameras are growing day by day since their creation. The arrival of digital photography has replaced the traditional film photography from the consumer industry. While digital cameras offer a…

Behind the Scenes of Film Production

Have you watched your favorite tv program and wondered the way the series was created? Everything you see on tv or in the movies is the outcome of several complex…
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B&W Shooting Tips

In a world of color, sometimes you simply can’t beat a solid black and white photograph. Black and white photographs can be an awesome tool to communicating a disposition narrative…

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